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Data Culture Maturity Assessment

What is the Data Culture Maturity Assessment?

Welcome to the Data Culture Maturity assessment. The purpose of this tool is to determine your organisation's data culture maturity by assessing it's performance across a number of key focus areas relating to a data-centric culture.
There are six categories that make up this assessment, and they are as follows:
● Leadership and Strategic Alignment
● Data Literacy and Skills Development
● Collaborative Data Practices
● Data Driven Decision Making Culture
● Innovation and Adaptability in Data Utilisation
● Data Governance and Ethical Use
For each of the categories above there are 3 subcategories which you will be asked to provide a maturity score for.
At the end of the assessment, you will receive an overall Data Culture Maturity score as well as an average score for each of the categories listed above.
The results by category will be accompanied but a set of recommendations for how you can begin to address any areas of opportunity within your organisation's data culture maturity.
If you would like to further discuss the results and recommendations, please don't hesitate to contact me here: [email protected]